Aliens or Bust

Photo by David Monje on Unsplash

The retired chief of space operations for Israel has confirmed the existence of off-world aliens who’ve long dealt with World leadership, and demanded humanity not be told of their existence because as a species “Humanity isn’t ready.”

So why isn’t this news? It wasn’t published in the National Enquirer, but the Jerusalem Post. Retired Israeli general and current university professor Haim Eshed served for 30 years as Israel’s chief of space security, and is a three time winner of the Israel Security Award. General Eshed says there is a ‘galactic federation’ that has helped humanity along but considers us still too primitive to come out in the open as all hell will break loose, society will crumble, religions will fall, and Capitalism will cry. Has the 87 year old respected space security expert gone rogue or senile? Disinformation to his grave or a grave confession?

Why isn’t this news? Why does anything else matter? Who cares about petty politics, celebrity scandals, and a global pedophilia network of blood drinking vampires? This is major.

Imagine an advanced civilization, a galactic empire right out of Star Trek, that contacted the imperial power on the planet — the USA/UK/Israel — and entered into an agreement whereby the aliens would help humanity advance to a point when they were ready to join the Galactic Federation in exchange for further understanding of the ‘fabric of the universe’. Seems the advanced aliens haven’t figured it out yet either. Imagine the arrogance to believe one knows anything in this universe.

The good news is that the aliens don’t appear to want us in their food chain. Bacteria has nothing to fear. And the other good news is that even though the aliens work with fascist pigs who think nothing of genocide and ecocide, they are trying to help us all eventually.

The late retired US Army Lt. Colonel Philip J. Corso in his book, The Day After Roswell, detailed the technological benefits gained from ‘foreign’ technology. General Eshed is one more official voice to support the suspicion of many that the topic of Contact has been covered up for decades.

While the religions of the world wait for their respective Messiah, and murder each other in the Lord’s vain name in the meantime, our ‘saving’ may be closer and more sane than we’re led to believe. One thing we know is that aliens have no empathy. They don’t experience love. Otherwise, a world on fire with billions of humans in peril would have meaning for them. Instead they convene with the worst of us, and watch as humanity plays with extinction.

But perhaps that is the point. We’re specimens under observation in the research of the ‘fabric of the universe.’ Not even exhibits at a zoo, but an amoeba between glass under a microscope.

Our thirst for a Messiah is in equal and opposite relation to our need for one. Our best hope is the aliens grow a conscience and a heart before humans entirely jettison theirs.



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M. A. Gottlieb

M. A. Gottlieb

Gottlieb is a writer/actor/director. He is the author of the novel The Fourth Wall.