America United versus The Berserkers

Photo by Hasan Almasi on Unsplash

Almost-President Biden has named a theme for his inauguration; America United! Meanwhile, the FBI has briefed Congress on all out ‘war’ planned by those who’ve fallen victim to the magical thinking of ‘revolution’ or Civil War and who wish to return the USA to Father Knows Best Meets Let’s Make a Deal.

Joe Biden, as out of touch as a petrified butterfly wing, staked his campaign on the whimsical fantasy to restore the soul of the nation. Biden believes appeasement, playing nice, working with far-right extremist fascists gets things done, while the people represented by the far-right extremist fascists want to burn down the Capitol, hang all the Democrats, and treasonous Republicans, and restore Donald Trump to the Emperor’s throne they believe sits atop the greatest democracy in the history of the galaxy.

Meanwhile the CIA has released its black-box of UFO documents which might take some heat off of the conspiracy theorists chasing down election fraud, and give them a new bone to chew; Secret Space Programs or Aliens — both the result of cover-ups. With recent government admissions of unidentified aerial phenomenon, and the likes of former CIA director John Brennan saying it would be arrogant to think we’re ‘alone’, one imagines the CIA trove of redacted memos will offer tantalizing clues down the UFO rabbit hole.

What are we to make of a Civil War between woke politically correct Democrats and the neanderthal populists of the QAnon Army? On paper the Civil War doesn’t seem close — the difference between Focus Groups and Kamikazes. On paper, the fuzzy-wuzzy canceling Establishment boot-lickers would appear faced with a massacre against the Zombie Apocalypse of berserk mouth-breathing Trumpians. But the silent majority of monopolistic tech industries have the Woke’s back. Nothing is able to cancel one’s humanity quicker and crueler than a profit-taking corporation.

Still “America United” Joe Biden plans to scream from the Capitol Steps while surrounded by thousands of armed insurrectionists who’d be happy to scoop out his brains and fuck his skull through his eye-sockets. Joe wants to restore the soul of a nation that has sold its soul to the original sin of greed. Joe wants to wink and nod his way to the bi-partisan consensus of Forever War and the worship of Wall Street, while pitchfork armies clash with the brunch crowd, and gulags for the disgruntled spring up across the landscape like dollar stores and drive-thru coffee shops that dominate 21st Century society. Debtors Prisons, Reeducation Camps, Detainment Centers, Check-points, vaccination schedules, social credit scores — in a dangerous world there is nothing more dangerous than critical thinking and reasonable doubt.

Citizens of the United States own millions of guns and billions of bullets. Many of our citizens believe the ‘nation’ is in an existential battle for its lost ‘soul’. Joe Biden wants to restore America’s soul, while Trumpians want to rip America’s soul from Biden’s ‘cold dead hands’ as it was stolen from them by the ‘commies’ to begin with.

To tens of millions of ‘deplorable’ Americans, Trump is a martyr, a victim of a five-year long deep-state coup, a stolen election and his banishment by an establishment technocracy whose goal is to capture the hearts, minds and wallets of every human creature on the planet. Trump has been crucified, and his followers have the religious fervor to believe in his 2024 resurrection.

Try as the Establishment moves to cancel and obliterate Trump as a political/social force, his ‘followers’ resist in equal and opposite measure, to mount a shooting war against assimilation to the Borg.

We don’t know if Biden’s America United is the same old Establishment tin ear of cluelessness, or some earnest belief a tsunami can be stopped by Executive Order. What we can know is that America United is as real as a forgotten dream.

Anyone who believes in Happy Endings is doomed to disappointment.

Unless, of course the CIA’s UFO files disclose that ET is only a phone call away.



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