An Empire Of Lies Tells No Truth

M. A. Gottlieb
4 min readMar 1, 2022



It’s always remarkable how American partisans, in the name of patriotic nationalism, forget their bitter culture-war partisanship to unite as brothers and sisters to gleefully, yet of course somberly, wage countless wars against our long and growing list of enemies. The goose-stepping public-private partnership media, marching in autonomic unison with pro-US caped-crusader talking points makes one blush at how easy all of the people can be fooled some of the time. Almost all. But, that’s the thing — you don’t need all of the people, you need some of the people to be fooled all of the time. And luckily for those who lead the war effort, enough are taken in, hornswoggled and hogtied by ubiquitous propaganda that the ‘state’ can defend itself against the truth from breaking the Big Lie narrative.

What are the Big Lies spewed by the Empire of Lies?

Big Lie #1: Russia is the aggressor in Ukraine.

Big Lie #2: The United States is defending democracy over autocracy.

Big Lie #3: The United States cares about ‘freedom.’

Big Lie #4: Putin is Evil.

Big Lie #5: The United States is Good.

The truth in reverse order is that the United States is Evil based upon decades of illegal wars of aggression, and the lies it used to start them; Putin is on the defensive fighting for the independence of Russia; the USA promotes global oppression, censorship and persecution of truth-seekers for the sake of profiteering; the United States is an imperial capitalist autocracy and the criminal aggressor in Ukraine.

The United States, after pretending to ally with the USSR during WWII, and allowing Russia to defeat Germany to the tune of some 30,000,000 sacrificed humans, has been at war with Russia ever since. Indeed, as we now know, the military-industrial-complex lied to the world and exaggerated the threat of the Soviet Union in order to line their pockets with a perpetual ‘war economy’ and a ‘red scare’ as the ‘commies’ don’t believe in property, much like the Davos crowd today who want the commoner under surveillance, tracked, approved, and to rent all aspects of its life, including its little pod in the Matrix.

After the Cold War between 1946–1990 which cost millions of lives in Asia, the Americas, the Middle East and Europe, the United States pursuit of its Super Power status raped and pillaged a collapsed Soviet Union, while creating new enemies called ‘terrorists’ who hated us for our freedom, but to a man were all freedom fighters against a foreign empire that occupied their lands. Except for the King of Terrorists, who worked for the CIA.

Finally, Russian Nationalists, including Vladimir Putin regained control of Russia from the foreign pirates and their local allies in the so-called Russian Mafia, and slowly began to rebuild society in the Russian image and bury the evil that was Stalinism and Gangsterism. Russia charted an independent course based upon its ‘national interests’ which resisted predatory capitalism and the imperial ambitions of Profit. The United States pushed Europe to confront Russia, through NATO, and economic warfare. Russia declared its interests and ‘red lines’ over time and waited patiently for its ‘partners’ in the west to come to their senses and join a global economy in the spirit of cooperation over competition. But for the ‘west’ there is no sense of playing if no one wins. The United States pushed and pushed against Russia’s ‘red lines’ and Russia again and again turned the other cheek, until finally Russia had no more cheeks to turn as the intentions of the United States were clear and unambiguous to an independent Russia: Surrender or Fight.

In 2014 the United States, after spending billions of dollars in Ukraine to foment unrest, and allying with well-known far-right elements that trace their roots to proud WWII fascist killers, a US planned and led coup d’état was executed against the democratically elected government of Ukraine, which directly led to a policy of ethnic cleansing Russians from Ukraine. In response, Russia rose to defend parts of Eastern Ukraine which hold a vast majority of ethnic Russians. And in response to Russia’s defense of its national interests and people, the United States prodded the far-right Nazi inspired government of Ukraine to murder as many Russians as it could. After 8 years, of turning cheeks, Russia said ‘no more.’

The United States is not a democracy. This is a Big Lie. The war is not against autocracy as the United States, according to many studies is not a democracy, but a for-profit corporate oligarchy in which ‘the people’ have 0% influence over the domestic and foreign policies which the government of the United States pursues. Money in politics has corrupted politics and made a failed state of democracy. “The People” have no representation in their government which makes the government of the United States illegitimate and forfeit. But in practice, because of generations under an Empire of Lies, enough still believe what they’re told by liars, that the United States can only be defeated by its external enemies.

Until the truth about the United States breaks through to a critical mass of Americans, we will inch closer and closer to the collapse of civilization. Up is Down. Black is White. And the enemy is draped in red, white and blue.



M. A. Gottlieb

Gottlieb is a writer/actor/director. He is the author of the novel The Fourth Wall.