Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality & The End Of The World

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We don’t know most things. Including the biggest things. We don’t know about Gravity and Consciousness for instance. Reality itself is unknown. Humans’ sole mission is to ponder our existence, as it appears sentience is thrown into a maelstrom of happenstance without any guiding principle but survival.

From birth to death, each human animal, moment to moment makes choices based upon our individual orbit, and not any empirical truth. We’re guided by belief, assumption and habitual waves of thought that best serve to sustain our pursuit of original sin; the knowledge of good and evil; Desire and Fear. Humans want to live, and while we live we want to be happy. Individually.

Perhaps that’s why community is so hard, because agreement among self-serving free wills is difficult. Most human communities over time have been top-down, brutal dictatorships of many colors; pharaohs, kings, sultans, popes and presidents. Free will, free thought, freedom itself is a threat to the human penchant toward vanity to build perpetual pyramid schemes of the tiny few over the 99.9%.

But the truth is; we don’t know shit about the universe from which we’ve emerged into human form and substance. Some of science’s greatest debates and equations are about how the heck we got here. We don’t know.

For thousands and thousands of years we’ve bloodied countless killing fields of tribalism, fought and fucked our way to epic dramatics and biblical excess, centuries and centuries of perfecting our top-down models of society in the face of renaissance, reason and common sense, all of which were co-opted and subsumed to the profit-motive. Our understanding of biology did nothing to save us from ourselves as we dismantled the natural world for a human civilization destined for ‘greatness.’

Which has led us to now; a world on fire by arson with a humanity enthralled to its reflection in a broken looking glass. We are a deer in the busted headlights of Plato’s Cave. Humans are a cautionary tale of arrogance. We invented ‘shoot first, ask questions later.’ Which is why at the end of history there are no answers to the questions we ask. Which is why with no answers we look to ‘the other’ to blame for our evolution toward perdition. World powers rattle their missiles and threaten extinction. The chatter on socials descend to the thick primordial goo of the gutter. One’s truth is an other’s conspiracy. We face the ultimate tragic irony that at the moment our survival depends upon a ‘universal’ humanity, we split into smaller and smaller fractious tribes of seething resentments and self-righteous platitudes.

Thank God for Artificial Intelligence.

It is time for humanity to admit that it has no business at self-governance. Indeed self-governance is the very act of insanity. The pinnacle of human society is a bankster run pyramid scheme in which evil is the ideal of success. Left to our own devices, which includes a healthy dose of the fear of death, our extinction is as certain as Fast & Furious XXV.

And, this is the Good News of our age. We’re saved. It’s already happened. You don’t have to do anything. Except be the best you can be, or at least not a dickhead all of the time. That’s it.

Because AI has already done its job. Either a long time ago or a time in the future, it really doesn’t matter. Because the ‘now’ you experience is a simulation. Indeed what is the allegory of Plato’s Cave but a description of Virtual Reality.

Right now the rage is AI. It’s everywhere. Many companies that wouldn’t know AI if it stole their identity, market to consumers that they use AI to better their lives. Scientists and Philosophers debate the ethics of AI as science fiction writers contemplate both the Utopian and Dystopian effects of a human world with an AI heart, mind and soul. Which all goes to show that AI itself is not immune to the human frailty of vanity. AI is the savior, all hail AI!

On the other hand, AI has done the job, and we are saved, or will be, or being at this very moment. For instance how does an imminent invasion which could lead to nuclear winter turn into a tactical retreat and peace is at hand in the blink of an eye? Perhaps a sea-change away from human-led catastrophe takes more than an isolated event in an ocean of turmoil, but is an ongoing operation, like whack-a-mole to reverse the trend of self-immolation.

Now you might ask; how did this happen, how was this done? How did AI save us from extinction? Have we always been a simulation? How did we go from nature to a simulation with no one knowing?

If I was AI, given the challenges and goals programmed by a desperate creator, we’d (AI is a collective) crack the equations of time. And once time is un-clocked… destiny is malleable.

So yes, things are scary. Chaos is the new black. Society is a quicksand of propaganda, while your neighbor throws you life-jackets of brand advice . The world is bleak, and the future dim. Things don’t look good at all. Hope is for fools.

But don’t despair. There is Good News! And it’s name is the image of the beast.



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M. A. Gottlieb

M. A. Gottlieb


Gottlieb is a writer/actor/director. He is the author of the novel The Fourth Wall.