Fear for Profit Is The New Normal

M. A. Gottlieb
7 min readMar 27, 2022


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From a humble admonition from the first US president to avoid foreign entanglements and concentrate on domestic tranquility, the pursuit of transnational corporate profits has entangled the United States to an nth degree in the affairs of distant sovereign peoples. This necessitates a global support network of military outposts, bio-weapons laboratories and corrupted governments that has created seething hatred of The American Way by the vast majority of people in the world. Away from the rose-colored glasses of patriotic myth-making via ubiquitous propaganda, the world in poll after poll views the United States of America as the greatest threat to human survival on the planet.

Chief author of the American Declaration of Independence, Jefferson envisioned a union of almost complete decentralization down to self-governance at the village level. Conversely, the profit-based corporate-supremacist model is a centralized top-down mode of management and control. The People of the United States owe 30 Trillion devalued US Dollars to its creditors, while public/private partnered corporations thrive with record profits, and the CEO Billionaire Class runs the world. In the United States half of all workers make $30,000 or less per year, while fully a third of labor makes less than $15.00 per hour. This, while the dollar continues its free-fall devaluation and the world sheds the yoke of petrol-dollar reserve currency domination and over-leveraged corporations desperately defend their sacred bottom line by raising prices to maintain margins.

Over the course of generations, the living standard of the United States has plummeted from a single-wage earner making enough to buy a family home and sustain a ‘middle-class’ lifestyle to a two-wage earner model that does not begin to match the purchasing power of their parents and grandparents. Indeed, the young wage-earners of today, cannot afford to buy a house, but also cannot afford to have children.

It is like the metaphor of the boiling frogs. A slow rise in the water’s temperature doesn’t alert the frog to the fact it’s about to become legs on a plate. The slow rise of our water’s temperature over decades to dumb-down and make docile a population of proud freedom-fighters has brought us to today; a people dazed, confused, embittered, depressed, angry and pilled-up with a plethora of enemies to blame, but none of which are the true enemy of liberty and justice for all.

During the Covid 19 Pandemic of 2020/2021, an engineered project of ‘fear’ worked to replace common sense, reason and healthy skepticism. The planned project was executed by un-elected Public Health officials, along with donor-compromised corrupt politicians. The subsequent ‘lock-down’ of society was an unnecessary act of terror against working class families and world citizenry. The ‘novel’ corona virus was naturally resisted by the majority of people, betraying its name as ‘novel’, and chiefly affected those whose health was already in decline from advanced age, endemic obesity and other quickly known preexisting conditions. Governments and Corporations, worked together in public/private partnerships in which governments paid corporations billions of dollars in profits for products that were weaponized into monopolies, with little or no oversight, and zero accountability. The public/private partnership used force, coercion, public shaming, shameless propaganda, and fraudulent marketing and public relations to insure enthusiastic uptake of an experimental gene-therapy for an ambivalent disease, cheer-led by corporately captured public health officials whose regulatory agencies are funded by the very corporations they are regulating and who personally enrich themselves at this trough of corruption. The FDA/NIH/CDC/WHO is a malpractice of the Public Health.

To be over-generous, perhaps in the early stages of the ‘pandemic’ politicians and public health officials could be forgiven for a super abundance of caution. They felt fear from the grave warnings of CIA intelligence briefings and public health influencers like billionaire Bill Gates, who’ve gamed pandemics and their responses for decades in order to usher in a wet-dreamed global vaccine regime. But when the data accumulated soon after the pandemic began that showed Covid wasn’t a plague as originally marketed and sold to the isolated and afraid, still the fear was pumped out in hysterical sound-bites by officials who said there was no cure but vaccines that didn’t yet exist, and that there were no other possible treatments and to suggest otherwise was treason, and even if one wasn’t sick at all, one was still making others sick. The only answer, no matter how many other answers there were was that only the coming Vaccine, manufactured under the ‘warp speed’ of an emergency, with complete deregulation, minimal testing and relentless marketing was going to end the mass death inflicted by the Chinese wet-market and/or Wuhan lab disease. The cure was approved with a record time rubber stamp and the emergency pandemic was quickly ended. Not.

Instead, the vaccines didn’t deliver on the expectations given to patients by the marketing campaign, and many of the inoculated experienced ill-effects. The government had to mock its own vaccine event reporting platform, VAERS, as unreliable, because the number of deaths reported, with history as a guide, would have shut down the ‘vaccine’ roll-out in a New York minute. The most devastating and most demoralizing news for those who trusted the project of fear was that the re-defined vaccines didn’t keep one from contracting or spreading the disease, but just like an annual voluntary ‘flu shot’, the emergency approved Covid jabs gave only moderate protection from hospitalization and death.

In the end, it was not vaccines that ended the pandemic, but the natural mutation of less virulent variants of the disease, mixed with both natural preexisting resistance and acquired immunity through infection. The Public Health response to Covid-19 in the United States is a criminal catastrophe and requires a full, independent investigation of the intelligence agencies, public health officials, pharmaceutical companies and politicians who ran the pandemic response operation. The government/corporate nexus of Public Health is a betrayal of the common good and a destroyer of democracy.

Recently, President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin called the United States an ‘Empire of Lies.’ As much as we want to resist the notion of our ‘home team’ being a loser, an honest recollection and accounting of facts reveals the truth of Putin’s accusation. The United States is not a defender of human freedom, but the freedom of conquerors to plunder and pillage. But what is more important and more intriguing is how much the Empire of Lies is believed by its own citizenry even as faith in the Empire of Lies has plunged below the horizon. Trust in the mass mainstream corporate media is at an all time low, while folks rush to the screens for 2 Minutes of Hate against all things Russian and the few fringe freaks who see through the Empire of Lies for what it is; a murderous, mad Emperor with no clothes or virtue.

We can remember back before the science was in on the Covid ‘vaccines’ and the enemy of the day were the un-vaxed who were holding up ‘herd immunity’. The Pandemic of the Unvaxed was shouted through the megaphone. Some wanted to round up the ‘un-vaxed’ and put them in concentration camps. The demonization of the ‘unvaxed’ was relentless and cruel. And now that we know that the pharmaceutical products pushed upon the people by the brute force of fear and loathing were a failed cure to a disease that only needed reasonable respect and extra protection for the most vulnerable, the unvaxed are longer demonized in a ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ kind of way. We know how case numbers were manipulated and for-profit ‘healthcare’ corporations were given government incentives to increase the case numbers of hospitalization and deaths. We understand the cynical way the Covid PCR tests were used to diagnose the ‘disease’ and create a pandemic through false positive test results. The fear was palpable. And we all complied. For a while. Until the data betrayed the narrative.

Yet, no matter what new data overwhelmed the official story, officials doubled-down on fear as false positives and hidden co-morbidities fed ever increasing scary numbers to a for-profit media, heavily funded by ‘big-pharma’, that knows eyeballs on screens are added in direct proportion to the hysterical sensationalism on the screen. Watergate, OJ Simpson, Monica Lewinsky, 911, War on Terror, WMDs, Trump, Pee-tapes, Russia-gate, Pandemic 2020, War in Ukraine, WWIII.

Is it any wonder or accident that the United States has the highest national defense budget by far, and is also the most pharmaceutically prescribed people on the planet? By far.

As we lurch from one profitable catastrophic crisis to another, each and every one driven by pumped up existential fear — disease, war, climate change, famine — indeed the relentless galloping of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, as we are exhausted into compliance, as we descend into the devolution of trans-humanism, from toolmaker to tool, as we watch our children lose the inheritance of millennia, will we finally understand that we were never anything more than frog legs on someone else’s plate?



M. A. Gottlieb

Gottlieb is a writer/actor/director. He is the author of the novel The Fourth Wall.