Ignorance is Strength

Imagine a laptop treasure trove of emails and pics of Donald Trump Junior in which he brags about money laundering schemes, lying his ass off, and basically making money from nothing but his father’s proximity to power. Can you imagine the feast at MSNBC and CNN? Can you imagine Twitter and Facebook blocking the spread of anti-Trump news and memes?

But the monopolistic social media platforms were quick to outright ban discussion and sharing of information about the poor little rich boy Hunter Biden’s fight for cash in the name of Joe Biden. Funny that. Media of all types love juicy, salacious felonious gossip and news of the rich and famous, sans slave trader Jeffrey Epstein, whose corpse and cohorts are treated with kid-gloves.

So what gives? Why the silent treatment over the exciting corruption on display with the Biden cabal? Hey no one is saying crimes were committed. Systemic corruption is legal by definition. Getting rich by any means possible is the American Way. The Bidens, Trumps, Bushes, Clintons et al really are et al. When Mr. Smith goes to Washington he inevitably comes home a millionaire. For political elites corruption is a way of life. So why the hardball bias by the largest media and tech companies in the universe over something sure to glue eyeballs to screens for days on end. Salacious scandal is the lifeblood of cable ‘news’, and social media.

Indeed, one doesn’t need middle-aged Hunter Biden’s dick-pics and odes to crack cocaine to imbibe the high of watching Icarus fall. The ‘game’ of corruption is laid out — when billions are in play, millions are nothing to grease the wheels of greed. Hunter Biden is a mass media wet-dream. So why the lock-down from the titans of tech and their monopolistic, addictive, and commercially manipulative platforms? Aren’t corporations supposed to be amoral and unbiased except to their bottom line? Why shutdown shares, likes, outrage and hysteria — it is the money-making reality of the modern world.

Do Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. care who wins an election in a monopoly two party system where progress is frozen like a mosquito in amber, and the unchanging rule of the 1% is the American Dream?

Obviously they do. Joe Biden lies his ass off. Trump lies his ass off. The entire political system of the United States is a lie. It really doesn’t matter who wins the election in a fixed system of fascism in which corporate and government power is one and the same, or indeed when corporate power is greater than government power.

From the beginning of Trump’s ill-begotten regime, the Establishment has tried to rid the Swamp of the alien creature through an unrelenting coup attempt via an enslaved media apparatus that long ago parted from any semblance of journalism to become a propaganda platform for, of and by the ‘donor class.’

But with the recent mass censorship of the damaging Hunter Biden material, we see the fear of four more years of the benevolent fascist mask torn off the beast to reveal its heart, Donald J. Trump lurking inside. Joe Biden is a broken Humpty Dumpty the Establishment is desperately trying to put back together. Even with a huge lead in the polls, the ‘smart money’ knows Joe Biden is a ghost, a chimera, a flimsy idea at risk of exposure to its false premise. The Establishment is so shaky there is fear the sins of the son will envelop the old man.

The ‘free press’ in the USA is all taken over by billionaires and their assets which are comprised of everything but moral conscience. People are for profit. Period. End.of.Story. Folks are tired of Trump, and are being sold an old, worn retread of an already flat tire. And that is a testament to the fatigue that four years of sound and fury signifying nothing has wrought. Corruption means nothing. The milieu of swamp creatures mean nothing. All that matters is to put the mask back on the beast and pretend that everything is back to normal.




Gottlieb is a writer/actor/director. He is the author of the novel The Fourth Wall.

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M. A. Gottlieb

M. A. Gottlieb

Gottlieb is a writer/actor/director. He is the author of the novel The Fourth Wall.

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