Orwell Wept

M. A. Gottlieb
5 min readOct 4, 2021
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Seems pretty clear now that Totalitarianism is the only hope for mankind. The lust for Individuality, the worship of Self has clearly driven humanity to the edge of a calamitous catastrophic demise of civilization. The only answer to save humankind is for humans to surrender their personal sovereignty, opinion and quest for ‘freedom’ in the name of human survival. Look at all the other animals. There is no democracy. There is only one king or queen of the hill, and everything flows from there. There aren’t focus groups and polls. It isn’t a popularity contest. There is a singular message: go along with the herd, or be fed to the lions.

The Rosicrucian, RC Christian, who built the Georgia Guidestones, a new-age-post-apocalyptic-10-commandments-of-the-fittest monument knew that collapse of the current atomized human civilization was inevitable, and relatively imminent.

The Georgia Guidestones have the future’s Ten Commandments etched into posteric rock so aspiring surviving generations don’t make the same mistakes of their stupid dead selfish ancestors.

The First Commandment, and order is important when it comes to Commandments, is to keep the human population of the world at less than one half of one billion individuals. The current world population is about eight billion people. So, according to the wise masters of the Guidestones, the current world population needs a reduction of about 7.5 billion folks. No wonder this Commandment is first. Things are wildly out of control. Any rhetoric about ‘sustainability’ at this point is nothing but a con-game. Humans are not happy shiny tribes of peaceful hunter gatherers, but a biblical plague of eye-for-an-eye locusts.

The Second Commandment of the Georgia Guidestones is to “Guide reproduction wisely — improving fitness and diversity.” Clearly this is a call to that much maligned, ahead-of-its-time, progressive idea of Eugenics. Genocide, or come on GenoDecide is necessary to cull, craft and improve our species so we don’t evolve into a plague of assholes again. If you’re not intelligent, talented, rich or good looking enough there is no need to exist. Goodbye autism scale! Population control through Eugenics is the best way forward after the Hunger Game hard years of war-lord dystopia.

The Third Commandment of RC Christian is to ‘unite humanity with a living new language.’ Now some of y’all may remember the infamous Tower of Babel incident from your Sunday School Bible classes. But in that particular incident one of the chief complaints of God or the Gods was that humans were united under one common language. United humans are bad. So if the Guidestones are correct, and they most assuredly are, the God or the Gods sabotaged the human Tower of Babel, and cast us all to the four corners of the Earth to cause confusion among tongues and discord between traditions because God or the Gods is or are jealous dick(s). We can thank the Georgia Guidestones for clearing that up.

The Fourth Commandment is to let all our affairs be led by ‘tempered reason.’ Human destiny is not for the leadership of the hot-headed and vainglorious. What’s needed is calm and cool reason, calculation, risk/reward analysis, and good sober management. Better to be a cog in a machine than a drama queen. Who can argue with that?

The Fifth Commandment is to have ‘fair laws and just courts.’ Fair laws and just courts, just like we have today. Justice is blind. But it’s not cheap, and that’s the way it should be. (See GenoDecide above.)

The Sixth Commandment is to make war illegal and settle international disputes in a World Court. Good luck with that. We have all kinds of world courts, but we still have lots of war and rumors of more war, so maybe humans have a ways to go. So we can call the Sixth Commandment more aspirational than realistic. But since we do already have fair laws and just courts as noted above, then the future is bright.

The Seventh Commandment is… well it’s a lot like the Fifth Commandment and the rest are mostly gobbly-goobly rhetoric of a silly woke Rosicrucian. You know like write poetry, don’t make porn and leave the trees alone. Stuff like that. Nothing as fun as population control and eugenics. GenoDecide™.

Anyway, it’s easy to see how the Billionaire Class, who protect and serve us are very concerned that the Georgia Guidestones are indeed prophetic. Human civilization is on trajectory for a spectacular crash & burn collapse. We need Sea Changes, Great Resets, and Emergency Use Authorizations to Build Back Better from the ravages of failed freedom-experiments and anachronistic constitutions that protect the un-tempered and unreasonable. We don’t need no stinking Amendments, we need Commandments. The world ran just fine for thousands of years with top-down societies of kings and priests. The last couple hundred years of ‘liberty’ have proved disastrous. Listen to the science. Locusts and finite resources do not mix.

Isn’t it obvious Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, and all those who volunteer their time at the Davos summit each year have our best interests at heart? And when I say “our” I don’t mean you or me, but the collective all of us. There are billions and billions of too many people on this planet. Frankly, the right thing to do for anyone over 60, illiterate, stubborn or otherwise identified as dead weight is to volunteer for personal extinction, in favor of the communal survival of the species. Let’s let the idea to ‘take one for the team’ really mean something.

Don’t be suspicious of vaccines, passports, digital currency or contact tracing. All of these things are for the betterment of humankind and survival of the species. What is more important than that?

Orwell said Freedom is Slavery. In our current state of urgent desperation, how can anyone disagree? The very future depends upon our submission. Don’t think of it as slavery. Think of it as what Dan Rather called it; Courage.

Do what is right. Comply. Agree. Go along. Subsume personal autonomy in favor of species survival. Anything else is just plain selfish. And completely unreasonable.



M. A. Gottlieb

Gottlieb is a writer/actor/director. He is the author of the novel The Fourth Wall.