Pandemic Pandemonium

Hang In There. Image created by Ayşegül Altınel. Submitted for United Nations Global Call Out To Creatives — help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Welcome to the new normal. You’re no longer a citizen. You’re a patient; do what the doctor says or else. And don’t go scratching around for any alternative medicines, or second opinions. Do what you’re told; wear a mask, stay isolated, think of all other people as virus-zombies. Covid-19 is a deadly killer and nothing gains compliance like the fear of death.

The ‘new normal’ after 911 has nothing on the pandemic plague. It’s one thing to take your shoes off at the airport twenty years hence because one guy lit his foot on fire while screaming Allahu Akbar on a flight from Paris to Miami way back in 2001, and quite another to shut down the ‘free world’ for a bad cold. Or flu. Or immune system attacker. Or whatever this thing is of unknown origin, and suspicious beginnings that seems to have it out for old people, but according to the CDC carries an overall mortality rate of 0.2%

But this is all on par with our aging affluent white ‘woke’ culture that decides for us all what’s best for the few. 50 million folks in the USA are thrown out of work with a safety net of a spider’s web, and Wall Street hasn’t missed a beat. A predictable tsunami of foreclosures and evictions will roll through the homeland in early fall but none of that is more important than to keep millions of the newly homeless safe from the certain death of a 99% chance to survive.

We’re all patients now. It’s time to stop thinking for ourselves, and follow the prescription of our doctor. And if we follow the guidelines religiously, maybe, just maybe in a year or so, maybe things can go back to the new, new normal which is nothing like the merely new normal, but at least you can escape from your cell for an hour a day to walk around the block in a mask.

Once we dispense with the charade of an oligarchy that cares about a superfluous and redundant people, then we can get to the deeper agenda afoot. After 911, they confiscated by diktat our civil and human rights to keep us safe without evidence of the threat from which they accrued extra-constitutional authority. With the Pandemic, they continue to erode personal freedoms, and impose compliance measures to gauge how far an oppressed population is pushed before it fights back. They have now found out. The people of the USA are at a breaking point. The guinea pigs are mad as hell, even if the critters don’t all agree as to the object of their ire. It’s called ‘divide and conquer’ for a reason.

They sold Boomer Remover as the plague, and destroyed civilization as it was known. They have sowed division, suspicion, paranoia, anger and fear. The desperate quest for compliance is now met with civil war. A citizenry at its own throat against a government with no moral authority. Instead of one happy human family we’re prodded into a retro orgy of woke tribalism, a rainbow of diversity, a splintering celebration of exceptionalism.

It’s the story of Babel. When one happy human family was destroyed by the jealous gods because humans in unity and harmony don’t need no stinking gods. Same as it ever was.

We don’t know the truth because we can’t trust ‘government’ as it is debauched beyond redemption in service to the business model. All one has to do is look at the mad multi-billion dollar boondoggle gold-rush in The Race for the Vaccine. It’s a racket. From citizen to consumer to patient. To statistic.

Pandemic Pandemonium is but one more nail in the coffin of human aspiration. We are back at square one. Give me liberty or give me death.



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M. A. Gottlieb

M. A. Gottlieb


Gottlieb is a writer/actor/director. He is the author of the novel The Fourth Wall.