Postcard From Between The Rock And The Hard Place

M. A. Gottlieb
4 min readMar 13, 2021


Photo by Jacob Boavista on Unsplash

Thank goodness billionaires, corporations, think-tanks funded by billionaires, academia funded by corporate grants, and media experts hired by for-profit corporations to shape and manufacture consent have our best interests at heart. To suggest otherwise is to identify as a card-carrying member of the QAnon sex cult, worshiping the golden Trump, not to mention obvious identification as a racist, xenophobic misogynist whose opening soliloquy is never more than a grunt. And gosh, I so don’t want to go there.

So thank you corporate, political, media elites for shepherding us through the Pandemic Lollapalooza with such deft finesse and bureaucratic ease. You warned us from the beginning to be afraid and gosh were you right. This was no mere flu virus. This was a ‘novel’ cold and flu bat-monkey-pangolin virus that devastated China, Cruise Ships, Nursing Homes and the ventilator market. And thank goodness for the billions of dollars for tens of thousands of ventilators that were never needed because ventilators were a leading cause of Covid deaths early on, because no expense can be spared to keep America safe from a plague which kills 0.2% of the population. Covid is so dangerous it vanquished the flu, and reduced cancer and heart disease deaths.

It was a crazy year; no masks, masks, double-masks, triple, while irresponsible drunken college students had mask-less beach orgies, super spreading Covid-19 to thousands of others as documented by phone meta-data collection — thank goodness for the NSA! And of course the same technology was used for the round-up of all those evil insurrectionists wearing horns, animal skins and selfie-sticks at the Capitol on January 6th.

You see Edward Snowden!? The surveillance state is a good thing. Like greed.

I feel sorry for all the haters, deniers and conspiracy theorists out there who just don’t get it. Without the Establishment control of society, we’d all be dead. All of us every single one. Except kids. And young people generally. And adults mostly up until the age of 60, and then everyone dies, or at least 10% of everyone which is a might higher than 0.2%. And, hey, as most of the decision makers are old people themselves, the esteemed bureaucrat, and highest paid government employee, Dr. Fauci, is 80 years old: No wonder he and all the other old people decided to lock up everyone regardless of age or circumstance to save the old people who made this country what it is from the Boomer Remover plague.

It had to be done. All of it. We had to stop the spread enough to buy time for the vaccine to get created, manufactured, distributed and shot into people’s arms. Vaccines were made in record time, some by companies that had never done it before with technologies that had never been tried before. Emergency Use Authorizations were given to shorten by years the amount of time it takes for all other vaccines to get to market. Tests were dispensed with in the name of health. No one knows much about the science and data, but the public’s health is much more important than due diligence. It doesn’t matter that the vaccine doesn’t prevent one from catching the disease, what matters is that people take the shot to show their patriotism.

We the people have to remember what is important. Trust in Authority. To suggest Authority doesn’t have our best interests at heart is to suggest we never went to the moon, or the earth is flat or Oswald didn’t kill Kennedy. We the people are the Authority and to suggest otherwise is to believe in Reptilians, FEMA Camps and that Antifa is a thing. And so what if looking back maybe the Authority in which we trust over-reacted a little to the corona virus. For all they knew it was a WWIII plague of bio-warfare. Better safe than sorry. And okay, maybe after the initial panic and fear and destruction of society without a safety net, and when the numbers were better understood from overall cases to misunderstood PCR tests, to asymptomatic versus immune, maybe they still had to double-down and keep the fear going because, well it doesn’t matter why — trust in Authority.

And anyway — it’s all in the past. Stop all the whining suspicion and bitter complaint. None of it matters — like Building 7 — it doesn’t matter. What matters now is everyone getting the shot. And maybe a shot every year for the rest of our lives — between variants and brand new animal market diseases — thank warp speed and blank checks for the salvation of the present against a murderous future.

Anyone who resists the Covid jab is a selfish conspiracy theorist who believes pedophiles eat pizza, Epstein lives and Donald Trump is a mastermind crusader of virtue and righteousness.

Anyone who doesn’t trust Authority is un-American.

Liberty is Death.



M. A. Gottlieb

Gottlieb is a writer/actor/director. He is the author of the novel The Fourth Wall.