Postcard from Dystopia

M. A. Gottlieb
3 min readFeb 10, 2021


Photo by Alec Favale on Unsplash

The reason we have ‘democracy’ is for when the oligarchs destroy the country the people are blamed. The People are responsible for a government debt of $30,000,000,000,000 as half the people live on starvation wages, while the other half prays they don’t need an unplanned brake job. Why do Politicians shout about ‘attacks on democracy’ at a Capitol riot, while academic studies show the politicians work for the anti-democratic Billionaire Class’? The media ape the politicians as they parrot patriotic platitudes only children would believe in the face of reality. Indeed the Reality Police Are Coming to make sure we don’t stray too far from the ‘truth’ with alternate evidence and figures from unapproved sources with unchecked facts.

The Billionaires are racing each other to escape to Mars and leave the meek to inherit a wasteland of filth, the detritus of locust consumerism and vampiric capitalism. The People are on the hook for existential crises created by the looters and profiteers of the breakaway civilization who prepare arks of survival on extra-terrestrial worlds while billions of drowned float down the river.

The Billionaire Class plans a future of trans-human slaves and robots to serve their birthright of privilege and rule over ever diminishing returns. Billions of worthless souls are squandered to dystopian excess, as humans devolve from jealous gods to desperate parched fleas on a dead junkyard dog. The Billionaires smugly plan for a thousand years of Martian peace while the archaic useless eaters, relics of the past, stepping stones to the future die off en masse like dinosaurs in the wake of Sudden-Onset Ice Age, flash frozen for future archaeologists to dig out and speculate as to what led to the demise of Homo Deplorable.

Those who wish for a New Normal; those who believe that if we just click our ‘can’t we all get along’ heels three times; those who long for a happy ending after ten thousand years of human struggle and conflict — many are bound for disappointment.

The New Normal is the old Dystopia. The future is here.

Reality is defined by governments run by corporations that run themselves. People are numbers, commodities, revenue streams, profit centers; triggers of algorithm predestined to borrow and spend from cradle to grave. The New Normal is a landscape of dire threats from plague to terrorist. Public safety is Priority One, and those who don’t comply with security are Public Enemy #1. Two distinct classes of people evolve to represent the future and the past; the past a bygone era of willful ignorance; the future a Utopian bliss of endless possibility. Artificial Intelligence succeeds where human intelligence fails. The inferior creates the superior. Humans make a savior in their own image and call it AI. The circle is complete. From original sin to final solution

We do not call to rally the troops in the fight of humanism against trans-humanism. We do not foment rebellion and revolution against a Deep State. We don’t ask anyone do anything about anything. Because there is no point. We’re in the age of fait accompli. Our fate is embalmed in the bitter amber of what might have been if only we’d been half as clever as we thought we were.

There is nothing now to do but go along — to wear masks, and avoid fellow humans. To believe what we hear and do what we’re told. To never look back or question where we’ve been. The meek inherit the earth, while the ‘great’ escape to the off-world domes of New Eden.

If only AI could turn back time, reset the clock, give humanity a mulligan, a do-over and give us one more chance to prove Creation wasn’t wrong in our creation. Or perhaps AI has already calculated the odds of ‘one more time’ and decided, without regret, to move on to more important works than to save a species that could fly to the moon, but could never come down to earth.



M. A. Gottlieb

Gottlieb is a writer/actor/director. He is the author of the novel The Fourth Wall.