Putin isn’t Hitler, But America is Satan

M. A. Gottlieb
3 min readFeb 23, 2022


AP/Kostas Tsironis

The for-profit corporate media is all about demonizing Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation. This project of projecting evil upon this singular man began long ago. Indeed, the fruits of war we see today in Ukraine were sown by the woke Obama crowd who planned and executed a coup d’état in Ukraine during the Russian hosted Sochi Olympics in 2014. In response to this act of war, Russia re-absorbed the strategic land of Crimea, and aided and abetted ethnic Russians in their traditional lands in what is now Eastern Ukraine.

Then, we’ll all remember, in the 2016 election in which a vainglorious failed populist billionaire narrowly defeated a historically disliked Establishment poster child, Putin was singularly blamed for the outcome. Russia-gate, for certain for-profit Establishment defending media outlets has been story #1 in one way or another ever since.

Narrative is not Truth. Russia-gate was sewn out of whole cloth by the loser in the 2016 election. It was a Big Lie, currently under investigation by the US Dept. of Justice. The only truly bi-partisan phenomena in Washington DC is corruption.

The Big Lie for today is Russian Aggression. And Putin is a monster who threatens us all.

The truth, of course, is the opposite in true Orwellian Black is White fashion. It is the Empire of the United States, desperate to keep its status as global hegemon that threatens life on the planet. It is the aggression of the United States’ policy of an exceptional unitary superpower in which all pay fealty under threat of destruction that lays waste to both truth and law. What was International Law, has become a ‘rules-based-order’ precisely because the rules-based order could not follow the fucking law.

It is too bad that so many don’t understand the ways of karma, and that the trajectory of the United States (and its satellites) is the reverse of what it believes. The United States is a failed state, not a great superpower. It is dangerous, sure, given its fetish for weapons of mass destruction, but the fatal flaw of the government of the United States is no one but old people on boosters believes the shit anymore.

But what choice does a failed empire have when even bread and circuses have given way to blank stares. As evidenced in poll after poll, and study after study ; the ‘will of the people’ is meaningless, and if the people were not tranquilized and propagandized to the degree they are, the government of the United States would find itself in a revolutionary moment because ‘the people’ lack representation in the government. The current raison d’être of the ‘government’ is to wage war for an obsessive system of capitalism that has brought the world to existential crisis.

And, frankly shouldn’t Joe Biden recuse himself from the Ukraine Brief as his sordid, corrupt connections to the American led post-coup government of Ukraine, and from which the corrupted Donald Trump was caught extorting Ukraine officials for the skinny on Biden’s corruption. This digging for dirt in a swamp of corruption called Ukraine was deemed treason by Biden Democrats, and Trump was impeached for his efforts. But now, with the Biden Administration forcing war upon Russia through Ukraine, doesn’t it behoove the creation of a Ukraine Truth Commission to unearth and bring to light the scope of corruption that Americans have involved themselves with since 2014? Just as we know Russia-gate was a hoax, perhaps Ukraine-gate was not.

Or at the end of history is cynicism and nihilism so rampant no one gives a toss about anything but their own personal truth, and life on earth be damned?

At the end of the Cold War, the US/NATO/Europe made assurances to the collapsed former USSR that US/NATO would not absorb nations formerly within the USSR. These assurances were lies. The Money Fetish is more powerful than truth, honor and decency.

Putin is no angel, but he is no Hitler. The United States of America is the great evil in the world, and Russia but another of its victims. The louder the headlines scream “Putin!” the more you know that truth is on the run.



M. A. Gottlieb

Gottlieb is a writer/actor/director. He is the author of the novel The Fourth Wall.