QAnon: Doth They Protest Too Much?

M. A. Gottlieb
3 min readOct 19, 2020
Photo by Joel Muniz on Unsplash

There is a conspiracy afoot as regards the social phenomenon, QAnon. If only we knew what it was. There are lots of conspiracies out there. A few I buy, others I don’t, and some I ponder. Some conspiracy theories, like JFK and 911, are based upon anomalous facts contrary to the established narrative which cause doubt of the official story. Some conspiracy theories are not about the thing itself, but the interpretation of that thing. Chemtrails for instance. It’s not hard to believe the ‘government’ is secretly spraying the planet with who knows what. What’s harder to pin down is why. To patch up the ozone layer or seed our minds with compliance chemicals?

The QAnon phenomenon posits that the tippy-top 1/10 of 1% who run the world are depraved sexual predators who traffic, enslave, molest and sacrifice children and then drink their blood in a quest for immortality. Or something like that. It’s close. It’s a whole milieu of hedonistic horror.

But that’s not the conspiracy theory. No, that first part is entirely believable. Not a conspiracy theory at all. We have thousands of recorded years of aristocratic debauchery to underpin the truth that the more things change the more they stay the same. Let’s stipulate that the elites who run the world are everything Q says they are.

The conspiracy theory is that Donald J. Trump is a holy agent of the loving God sent to expose this evil corruption of the ‘deep state’, and usher in a thousand years of peace, after the inevitable reckoning and violent punishments for the wicked.

Donald J. Trump is not a stable genius or even a very smart fellow. His malignant narcissism is not a clever cover over his true identity as a crusading hero of light over darkness. In the words of everyone who knows him, Donald J. Trump is what he is, plain for all the world to see.

The QAnon conspiracy is easily seen as a psychological warfare operation and not a Revelation. It is standard operating procedure in psy-ops to reveal one truth in order to hide another. Here we have the truth of a debauched milieu of humanity sitting atop a pyramid scheme of greed who commit the most horrific atrocities imaginable against the weakest and most vulnerable of creatures. The Big Lie of QAnon is that anyone is doing anything to resist this small cabal of those whose absolute power has corrupted them absolutely.

And this is precisely why we see the monolithic outcry in the mainstream media owned and operated by the 1%. The hysteria is worse than against those who question the ‘truth’ of 911. It’s crazy, crazy, crazy to believe in QAnon. Worse than deplorable. It’s Kool Aid drinking insanity to believe in anything in the QAnon transmissions.

Obviously Donald J. Trump is not a hero of any story but his own. Who cares in these hyper partisan Manichean times if die-hard Trump supporters believe he’s a superhero? The vast majority of people think he’s a dick. So why the hair on fire over QAnon? Trump supporters will follow him to the end of the personality cult’s rainbow.

Why doth the ‘deep state’ owned media protest with outrage instead of ignore it like they do ALL OF THE OTHER CONSPIRACY THEORIES?

Because of the truth revealed. Our civilization is rotting from the top down. It’s not rocket science or a conspiracy theory. What is made for the tin-foil hat crowd, however, is that a life long venal vainglorious conman is secretly trying to save us all.

And that is precisely the role of the super hero; to do for us all what we can’t do for ourselves against great evil. And just like a real super hero, the ‘revelation’ that Donald J. Trump is one of their ilk, is a complete work of fiction.



M. A. Gottlieb

Gottlieb is a writer/actor/director. He is the author of the novel The Fourth Wall.