M. A. Gottlieb
3 min readJul 4, 2021


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The end times is going to come down to those fighting for the title of Chosen Ones versus the more science-based folk who think that humans are all one species, and everything else is vanity.

The Fallen Angel in the Garden of Creation, planted the seed of sorrows as He urged humans to receive the gift of the knowledge of good and evil by disobeying the Law of the Creator. This divorced humans from the natural world without judgment who were cast out into the suffering world of emotions generated in the struggle to survive outside of a protected sanctuary. Because the knowledge of good and evil is the knowledge of death. The birth of time. Life as I Am.

Animals have as much survival instinct as human animals. It is not the fear of death but the will to live that drives animals. Humans on the other hand, with the knowledge of death juxtaposed to the joy of life, contrive all manner of escape to avoid death and extend life because the ego only exists for one fleeting moment in a sea of expanding creation. Death is not the end of existence, but the surrender of pretense. The admission our reality is a psychological construct, and we are but fire-shadows on the wall of Plato’s Cave.

Plainly, the fear of death has driven men mad. The knowledge of good and evil has created the cult of heaven and hell. Dark versus Light. The Manichean Wet Dream. Us or Them.

And isn’t it amazing how many us and thems there are. How many ways to divide. The Curse of the Tower of Babel is self-evident in the Judeo-Christian-Islamic empire. An evil that bridges east and west, north and south. The Empire of Man, splintered into a thousand tribes of vainglory. A Forever War of Values all attached to the perpetual power of might, and the eternal enrichment of the elite: Built upon the backs of the denizens of the lower levels of the civilizational pyramid scheme who share broken backs and hearts doing the slave labor to support the consumer-locusts of the bread and circus class who gave over God to Mammon and called it Freedom long ago.

In the end, which is in full swing, we’ll understand that the knowledge of good and evil did indeed give us death, and the Fallen Angel knew all along that the way to undo the innocence of the natural man was to give him the fear of death. Cain and Abel were rivals more than brothers. That is the moral of the story. From the very beginnings of our myths we see how a bruised ego leads to death. Over and over again. From kings to postmen. Wounded egos and broken hearts launch a thousand ships in a cacophony of deja vu until the end of time.

But after the end, what is left? Are there healing waters in Elysium? Recovery Centers for transmigrating Souls? Fields of Dreams? Or just the same eternal nothingness that doesn’t know that ‘you’ exist? Or if it knows doesn’t care.

There are no ‘chosen’. There are no ‘superiors’. The separation between castes and classes is built upon fragile egos of broken hearts lost in a maze of eternal doubling-down to the point that death is preferred because life has lost all joy. The ultimate Orwellian moment of a future that is a perpetual boot stomping upon a human face, every human face, for all time. This is the price of eating the forbidden fruit which turned humans from nature to the tragedian farce of ‘progress’ we see today. Our future of trans-humanism is the final chapter of original sin. The gods may laugh at our folly; we have no choice but to gnash our teeth, lock our jaw and hang our head in shame that in the end humans were followers of charlatans, puppet kings and side-show barkers who tap-danced as fast as they could; pied pipers to tribes of lemmings.

The tragedy of today is not how many are on the bottom, but how little wisdom there is in the few at the top; to understand that the predicament of our time goes back to one shining epiphany — the knowledge of good and evil is a bitter pill to swallow.



M. A. Gottlieb

Gottlieb is a writer/actor/director. He is the author of the novel The Fourth Wall.