The Mysterious Case of Donald J. Trump

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As Donald John Trump defies all the laws of karma, beats the odds of co-morbidities, and shoves the power of his malignant narcissism down the collective throat of the agog and the aghast, a serious inquiry is needed to understand whether moral conscience manifestly exists anywhere in the universe or not.

As one looks at the death defying antics of a man whose just desserts could include boiling in oil, one must consider that, indeed, the opposite of moral conscience exists in the universe, and the truth is that the universe is a downright evil place run by sadomasochistic atoms.

But ultimately what any self-respecting critical thinker with vasts amounts of information at the ready must conclude is that karma and the gods aside, Donald J. Trump’s Covid Case is a Hoax.

What we are witnessing is a political entertainment extravaganza, a grand theatrical illusion, not to mention conspiracy, to gain reelection and the payment of billions of dollars to fulfill the obligations of Donald J. Trump’s failed business enterprises, massive debt accumulation and to rescue a mad felon on his last legs for four more years of obvious insanity in service to the rich, richer and richest.

Really that’s it; the mysterious case of Donald Trump comes down to Satan or a Hoax.

While Trump was touting Hydroxychloroquine as a Covid cure-all, the government of Trump’s United States cornered the market on the Gilead Corporation’s Remdesivir, buying up the entire global supply of the unproven pharmaceutical as openly reported back in late June. In addition the hyper experimental Regeneron therapy, which the President received, was given a half of billion dollars back in July by the Trump Administration to fund Regeneron’s trial and production.

What is the value to these companies for these drugs if found effective during a global pandemic against a ‘killer virus’? Governments have thrown billions of dollars to pharmaceutical companies to come up with the Covid Vaccine. Do we think there is no war between the companies who make Covid vaccines versus those enterprises that research and develop therapeutic remedies? With hundreds of billions of dollars at stake during a global pandemic, can we expect honesty and transparency from those who believe that greed is good, and profit over people is natural law?

As a physical specimen Donald John Trump is the walking dead. An old fat out of shape white guy with a fast-food diet is the poster-boy for Death by Covid, and yet here we have a guy who tested positive, got sick in one day, needed oxygen for a couple of hours while the experimental drugs kicked in and now he’s good to go. Trump’s sure and swift victory over Covid, his touting of miracle cures, and proof that if Donald J. Trump can survive Covid then anyone can, will boost his flailing reelection campaign by reigniting his base in the belief that he is indeed The One.

This conspiracy theory that The Adventures of Donald in Covid-land is a Hoax requires participation by covert government assets put into place over time through a well-planned operation. This alone flies in the face of everything known about the regime of Donald J. Trump. But the alternative is Satan, or worse, an uncaring, unfeeling and remarkably stupid universe.

In the end, the idea that Trump’s Covid survival is a hoax; pure political theater, is actually the path of least resistance. The idea that karma and gods are dead, and all that exists in the world is the will of Donald J. Trump is way beyond any dystopia ever imagined.




Gottlieb is a writer/actor/director. He is the author of the novel The Fourth Wall.

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M. A. Gottlieb

M. A. Gottlieb

Gottlieb is a writer/actor/director. He is the author of the novel The Fourth Wall.

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