The Nuclear Winter Of Our Discontent

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The War between the US and Europe is nearly over. The US has beaten Europe into submission. With the Russian defense of ethnic Russians in Eastern Ukraine against mobsters, oligarchs and ‘nazis’ (oh my), the Economic Warfare Sanctions Regime (as the US is no longer able to win a war without lobbing Weapons of Mass Destruction, and as the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are bad for business…) imposed on Russia will hurt central and western Europe more than the intended target; Grand Strategery & Judo Master RusPutin and his merry-band of oligarchs, autocrats and majority of the Russian People. If, that is, Russia was truly the target.

When the “Americans” halt the new German Nordstream2 pipeline from Russia, and Russia cuts the supply of the old Nordstream1 pipeline which runs to Europe from Russia through Ukraine, we’ll see the Energy War to End All Wars.

First World Europe will hurtle into darkness, immobilized and bewildered. After two years of Covid fever madness, then pitched into a post-modern Dark Age, in service to its role as vassal to For-Profit Empire, the Empire of the Five Eyes achieves its grand design to bring the German, French, Spanish, Italian and Nordic peoples to their knees and commanded to sacrifice freedom in the name of freedom.

But what choice does a desperate empire have in the last throes of its decline from unitary super power to a rat infested paradise of debt and despair with a population at each other’s throats? What choice, beyond meaningless sanctions that have long been anticipated, does Empire have to stave off its epic collapse but to plunder the non-compliant? And if the Borg of Empire can’t assimilate the non-compliant, then it must destroy them. Or attempt to.

Hubris is the bane of hero and empire. And American Hubris know no bounds. The Empire of the United States and its ‘partners’ believes, almost like an ancient Israelite, in its ‘chosen’ status as the ‘indispensable nation’; king of the hill; a unitary superpower of ‘might makes right.’

Perhaps the cautionary tale of King Midas is instructive in the instance of an empire of gold-lust. The addiction to gold turns everything to gold; every aspect of life is bought and sold at profit. Trillions of dollars doled to contractors promising genocidal technologies they can’t deliver to a bloated military industrial complex stuck in a self-fulfilling prophecy of Forever War, humanity itself the fodder for maniacal pyramid schemes of greed.

But the arrogance of the unitary superpower, the heavy-handed violent ways of a vainglorious Capitalism, allows the non-compliant to prepare, plan and outwit the lumbering cyclops and its myopic quest for plunder as it stumbles toward a karmic cliff.

Empire’s bluff is called. Its back is to the wall of free-fall. A Naked Empire of pomp, circumstance, empty words and bombs has only one thing left when the meta-narrative disintegrates into a wicked stepmother who looks into a mirror of magical thinking and repeats over and over again: The Greatest Country in the History of the World.

World War III will be short and sweet. Like a soundbite. And when the smoke clears, the dust settles and the survivors emerge from their arks, bunkers and caves, a new law will codify among those who rebuild what isn’t destroyed: Thou Shalt Not Be Great.



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M. A. Gottlieb

M. A. Gottlieb


Gottlieb is a writer/actor/director. He is the author of the novel The Fourth Wall.