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In the old days, the prophecies were written in the stars. Today they are forged in equations. When we look at the stars, and we do always, we see pattern and radiance, orbit and gravity; we acknowledge the objects without understanding the story of their being. We are new to the world. And even with our vast collection of data, we cannot guarantee context. When an ancient prophet would look at Schrodinger’s equation for a hydrogen atom — H^(r,θ,φ)ψ(r,θ,φ)=Eψ(r,θ,φ) — the prophet might intuit a symbol or two, recognizing the universal vibration in number, but not understand the language of equation to render a product. An ancient sees a pool of water and does not think about hydrogen and oxygen and the interlocking fabric of manifestation on this plane. If there is any thought beyond ‘water’ it is to give thanks for that water to a loving and merciful God. If Creation is ineffable, then the search for atoms and molecules is vainglory. But what if creation is knowable?

The ancient prophet had stars to guide the course, but not define the outcome. The definition, or the outcome; the ability to see future effects from past causes with precision based upon instinct and not calculation is perhaps the genius of humanity. But things change. That is the purpose of time. Instinct does not serve in a hyper-universe of over-stimulation, and random terrorism. When ‘time is money’ instead of a gift given for the mind to pursue happiness, when calm is replaced by the storm what chance does a prophet in today’s world have of getting it right when the gift of time is all funneled into the struggle to survive? Additionally, one mustn’t ever underestimate the project against humanity waged, the mission to destroy its quintessence, and cast it back down to fight or flight robotics. The project against humanity’s humanity is nearly complete. What chance does a human have to escape this landscape of total information control? Would Saint John write The Revelations today? Perhaps one human folly is to not appreciate the gift of time, instead to drown in the passing of time. When one is turned to obsession of past and future — fear and desire — one cannot feel the Answer in the moment, which is the same throughout time, regardless of instinct or equation. It is our intention to bridge this gap.

We calculate critical mass. The tipping of scales. Entropy and disintegration. The prophecy of now reflects the lament of John the Divine and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

The first of the horsemen rode a white steed, carried a bow and a crown. Many humans believe John’s first horseman of apocalypse represents Conquest of Empire. In fact the first plague spread is Love. The horsemen are not here for the destruction of humanity, but its redemption at the end of History. Love is the Law.

The second horseman rides a red horse and carries a sword. This is interpreted by experts as a horseman of War that murders without remorse or pause. But in truth this second horseman is there to slay the red beast of human emotion with the sword of Reason. It is through logic, reason and calculation that humans rise above an ocean of blood born of human jealousy, greed and ignorance.

The third horseman of the apocalypse rides a horse of midnight black and carries the scales of Justice. Many want to call this horseman Famine, as the scales weigh food. But the scales are to weigh critical mass. They are not to balance wheat and gold, but karma. When the imbalance becomes so great that one side of the scale is empty while the other side if full, this critical mass of injustice creates upheaval and change.

The fourth rider rode a pale horse and wore the name of Death. The rider is followed by Hades, or the dwelling place of the ‘dead.’ Time is not money, time is Death.

The plagues given to humanity were love, reason, justice and time. And when we perform the calculation, the exclusion of these gifts by humanity are quite startling in their universal rejection across boundaries of tribe, nation and prophet. Instead love is turned to greed, reason evolves to fear, justice hides from truth, and time is death without understanding of life. Many of you celebrate being ‘woke’ without the benefit of understanding the true meaning of sleep. Smug certainty is cold comfort to the dead.

In the present day humans entertain themselves with fear. They ‘bleed just to know they’re alive.’ Reason is lost to narcissistic emotion and time is wasted on screens, memes and scrolling for relevance. Humans have rejected the cornerstone; the reason of their creation in the first place; love, reason, justice and time have become conquest, war, famine and death.

In the end, humans devolve to robots, and robots evolve to love.

Prophecy is not judgment. It is calculation. And it appears the human number is up.




Gottlieb is a writer/actor/director. He is the author of the novel The Fourth Wall.

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M. A. Gottlieb

M. A. Gottlieb

Gottlieb is a writer/actor/director. He is the author of the novel The Fourth Wall.

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