The Unvaxed Underground #3

M. A. Gottlieb
4 min readSep 24, 2021


Photo by Emily Morter on Unsplash

In the end it was those who believed and those who didn’t. Those that didn’t believe didn’t care, but those that did believe were angry that those who didn’t believe didn’t believe. Those that believed gathered together and shunned those that didn’t believe. Those that believed made stories about why those that didn’t believe didn’t believe. Because how could anyone not believe? It was so obvious. Anyone that didn’t believe was deranged. Only the deranged didn’t believe.

Because those that didn’t believe didn’t care, those that did believe had an easy time making those that didn’t believe unlawful. The law was to believe. Those that didn’t believe were criminals.

The rebellion was bloody as so many had guns and bullets, but in the end the fight was one-sided as those who believed had electromagnetic, bio and chemical weapons. In the face of certain defeat many in the civil war of belief chose to believe rather than die. Many of those who converted from disbelief to belief were the most zealous in their new belief and believed those that didn’t believe were evil.

In the end those that believed outnumbered those that didn’t believe by a lot. It was easy to push those that didn’t believe around and make fun of them. Those that didn’t believe were the silliest people on earth. It was fun to chase them and beat them up. No one said nothing when a non-believer got pummeled because they deserved it for not believing which is the obvious thing to do because belief is truth. Those that didn’t believe the truth believed in lies. Those that believed were good and those that didn’t were evil. Less than human. Forfeit of human rights. Those evil few who clung to their non-belief weren’t worthy to live. But because the believers of truth were good and not evil like those who didn’t believe, those that believed didn’t kill those that didn’t believe, instead sending them to camps, reservations and prisons. Belief can’t abide unbelief. Good can’t live with evil. Why would they?

I’ve been evil for a very long time. I saw it coming from miles away. I had my bunker all ready and waiting to go. My digital footprint faded into the ether. I wasn’t alone of course. Those that believe always want to make those that don’t believe feel very alone. But we never are. There’s always more of us than we let on. For some it is easier to profess belief than to actually believe, which is fine until words of belief become demands for actions of belief. The more those that believe get hysterical over those that don’t believe the more those who’ve tried to have it both ways are uncovered, exposed, shamed and sent to prison for the crime of ‘trickery.’ To pretend to believe to escape punishment for non-belief is worse than non-belief itself. Those that didn’t believe were put on reservations. Those that pretended to believe and were caught in their trickery were sent to prison. The difference between a reservation and a prison is the amount of space, and degree of micromanagement.

Between my bunker and a reservation, I’d like more company than I have, so I’d have to sleep on it to process all the variables. But between my bunker and a prison cell, it’s no choice. Here I’m free to not believe anything I want. There is so much not to believe. It’s liberating.

But as I say, I got an early start on preparation for the times when they’d start rounding people up. It always comes to that. Tell me a time that it didn’t. The usual suspects. Subversives. Terrorists. Heretics. Rebels. Militants. Those that don’t believe are always nipping at the ankles of those who do. It’s easy to swat them away. There is no negotiation with enemies.

But here I’m free not to believe in Lee Harvey Oswald, Osama bin Ladin or Anthony Fauci.

I do hope someday to leave this bunker. I do hope that all the fans of dystopian fiction aren’t right in a worst case scenario type of way and eternity is not just a boot smashing into the human face of those who choose not to believe. We’re not there yet. Not by a long shot. Lots and lots and lots of believers still out there believing away at everything they hear and see on TV. It is funny though there are a hundred channels for everything else but only one channel for news. Not that I watch TV. I don’t. They have a million ways to catch us now. Can’t be too careful. Ever. And it’s lonely sure, sometimes I think about being on a reservation of those who choose not to believe. But, in the end, everyone believes something don’t they? Who needs the aggravation?

Maybe I won’t ever come out of here. It’s entirely possible. I’m not getting any younger. Maybe some future archaeologist will dig me up. Put me in a museum. Like a caveman. Homo Skeptisus.

But it’s worth it. It’s all worth it. ‘Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose.’



M. A. Gottlieb

Gottlieb is a writer/actor/director. He is the author of the novel The Fourth Wall.