The Vaccine is Coming! The Vaccine is coming!

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You don’t have to be ‘anti-vax’ to be wary of The Race to the Vaccine. One can be both pro-Science and anti-Establishment at the same time. The tragedy is that so much of science has been subsumed by the Establishment in the form of R&D grants, and the Corporate Borg, that it is impossible to separate the public health from the profit-motive. Faced with the Plague, and the shutdown of a teetering society in the last throes of Empire, with the constant selling of the idea that there is no return to normal without a jab of vaccine — the demand for such a remedy will increase in relation to the pain imposed by the continued shutdown of a consumer society running on the smoke, mirrors and magical thinking that stock markets are economies. The United States is climbing toward a ‘national debt’ of 30 trillion dollars. The bedrock of American Principle is the sanctity of ‘property.’ Debt is Property. To repay our debt we face the choice between severe austerity, not including the Military-Industrial-Complex of course, and default. Our debt is not payable. For the United States to default on its debt is to overthrow the sacred American principle that corporations are people too.

Instead of do what some countries did and treat the ‘novel’ cold/flu/mystery virus like it wasn’t novel and keep their societies open to brave the consequences of ‘herd immunity’: Or instead of do what other countries did and institute severe testing and tracing protocols, and make the population accept ‘surveillance’ as the new normal and quash viral outbreaks in real time, the United States chose to shutdown its society to avoid herd immunity and at the same time the USA refused to institute testing and tracing protocols to stop the spread medically, while tragically the US didn’t properly fund the resulting Depression 2.0 flowing trillions of dollars to the Crony Capitalists while throwing crumbs and paper towels to the tens and tens of millions of humans without paychecks, and soon without roofs over their heads or food in their mouths. A Tsunami of despair is coming to the States, for which the ‘protests’ now are but the appetizer to a much larger course of rebellion.

The American President is much to blame as he is quite grossly incompetent. But is he to blame for his reflexive reaction to think the Pandemic was a hoax, after so many hoaxes have been launched against this President, when the 25th Amendment is the elephant in a room of low hanging fruit. The President is not a well man. The only political will in the United States is for War and Wall Street.

And so too to blame for the FUBAR mess is the Operation which sold this virus as the Plague to win consensus and compliance in order to destroy the country previously known as the United States of America — for all its Biblical warts and sins.

While the predominant symptoms have mutated over time from fever and cough to aches and lack of smell to you name it, the most at-risk populations to Covid-19 have been well known from the start. Why not move to protect and support those most at-risk folks, and allow ‘herd immunity’ to develop as it has done with a plethora of ‘disease’ over the course of millennia. Was it gross incompetence or a Machiavellian conspiracy?

There has never been a vaccine for the common cold. Some studies indicate that taking the current ‘flu vaccine’ makes one more susceptible to a severe case of Covid-19. And yet, the promises are now swirling that the savior vaccine is coming by Thanksgiving.

A miracle of science, or a nail in the coffin?



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