Utopia is Coming!

M. A. Gottlieb
4 min readOct 27, 2021


courtesy Blue Origin

In the past they worked in dark smoke-filled rooms in secret to legislate pyramid schemes, and now they publish white papers and throw lavish parties to publicly proclaim their altruistic agendas of control as the self-evident truth of Savior 2.0. Indeed, if the gods of the great religions can’t save humanity from itself then, by the gods, the billionaires will.

As the planet burns from the collateral damage of the profit-motive, billionaires plan executive space platforms so, like the gods on Mount Olympus, the billionaire class can look down on the excess slave population as the Four Horsemen rage and the rabble reduces in size to the point it’s safe once again for the billionaire class to descend from the heavens and resume their right of dominion over the pathetic and primitive survivors of yet another biblical catastrophe.

Yet, Billionaires are not saviors. They are genocidal maniacs whose fortunes are grave crimes against humanity. They spin for-profit solutions for the for-profit disasters they’ve made and expect us all to obey their edicts because wealth is power. And as the billionaire class owns the monopolistic megaphones of Rove’s reality-creation, most see obedience as a duty to the greater good. But it is not for the greater good of all, but for the greater good of the capstone-class of the age-old pyramid scheme.

Human history is the story of the top-down rule of the tiny few over everyone else. Orwell’s infamous definition of totalitarianism as a boot smashing a human face for eternity is the very model of human history. As the recent advent of democracies fail through corruption and revert to traditional authoritarian structures, what are billionaires in the modern world, but demigods.

The disease, the psychological horror that is greed, isn’t something to worship or admire, but to work toward its extinction, as it is the root of the failed state of human nature. As the billionaire owned mass media fawns over the accomplishments of billionaires who build rockets to transport their harems to the heavens and escape the judgment they’ve wrought, and the wrath of intelligent systems greater than themselves, the same mass media ignores the daily torture of billions of human beings treated no better than one of Fauci’s tormented puppies.

As Bezos builds his Olympus, Musk fetches Mars, Gates jabs all the animals, and humanity is saved from itself by public-private partnerships that have all the answers, while no questions are allowed, we’ll all breathe easy that disaster was diverted. The sheep will have new pastures and new shepherds, and happily give its pound of wool each year in exchange for the ease of no-questions-asked herd-life. Inalienable rights are not birthrights endowed by Creation, but privilege won through the wisdom of compliance. Freedom is Slavery. The fate of eight billion brothers and sisters is in each of our hands, and to resist what’s right is to murder your neighbor.

Yet, it is odd how those responsible for global calamity are given responsibility to fix the mess they’ve made. In the ‘breakaway’ civilization failing up to greater and greater failure is the desired career path, while in the legacy civilization the slightest transgression can lead to a free-fall into homelessness and starvation. They insist it’s a ‘merit’ system, but it is always a class war hidden behind the skirts of the ‘greater good.’

Each manufactured crisis brings us steps closer to the goal. The crisis itself is never the thing. The crisis is a delivery mechanism for the cure, which is medicine the people would not accept absent a crisis. This is now formulaic. Studied. Proven.

The billionaires have sugar-plum faeries dancing in their heads. They are so close. Billionaires are admired and worshiped. They run the world. Governments, mostly dysfunctional and corrupted, along with public institutions, and the failed 4th Estate are held in the lowest esteem in the history of esteem recording. Public cynicism that its non-representative government will ever do anything to represent the Public is at an all time high. Indeed, there is no longer any Public at all, but factions of seething differences bred through the for-profit machinations of Hate, Inc.

The idea of Bread and Circuses is that there are so many distractions of superficial hilarity, from gladiators to tik-tok, that people don’t notice their hungry stomachs amid a failed State.

The later it gets, the faster it gets late, and things about now are moving at warp speed.

Utopia is just one more crisis away.



M. A. Gottlieb

Gottlieb is a writer/actor/director. He is the author of the novel The Fourth Wall.