Wednesday November 4th 2020

Photo by Austin Lowman on Unsplash

Since 911 the American People, and citizens of its special-relationship allies, have been gamed with special operations and psychological warfare to gain compliance and control over populations that believe they enjoy a modicum of something called ‘freedom.’

After 911 Americans were put into a frenzy of patriotic fervor as our twin towers of pride — War and Wall Street — were sneak attacked by an Islamic extremist global terrorist network led by a disgruntled ex-employee of the CIA who hated our ‘freedom.’ And so to protect our freedom, in classic Orwellian style, we surrendered our freedom for our own good.

Americans were treated to a roller coaster of ‘terror’ warnings adorned in colors of the rainbow — red being the most serious and dangerous color — the devil is red too! After a man, who according to witnesses had been chaperoned through the boarding area, tried to blow up a plane with a ‘shoe bomb’, but instead caught his big toe on fire, all Americans had to have their shoes inspected before boarding a plane because if there is a 1% chance of something happening, then all means must be taken to stop the chance occurrence. This is called the Cheney Doctrine. Americans in the throes of patriotic fervor were happy to jettison their shoes and the 4th Amendment to the Constitution. The United States used the events of September 11, 2001 to begin Forever War against Terror much the same way LBJ used the decapitation of JFK in 1963 to give the Generals the Vietnam War that Kennedy tried to avoid.

For the better part of 20 post-911years Americans stood by in the name of ‘supporting the troops’ while the American Military, its proxies and CIA counterparts laid waste to sovereign nations in the name of chasing bad guys. Millions dead, tens of millions exiled, trillions of dollars wasted, and a People so dazed and confused by oceans of propaganda that to this day not one American ‘leader’ dare speak against Forever War.

Then came Covid-19, a highly infectious senior citizen killer that required the lock-down and compliance of entire non-threatened populations. Tens of millions were thrown out of work. Scores of millions face eviction and foreclosure. A nation trembles as the daily number of ‘cases’ rise. (An old timer is reminded of the nightly news during the Vietnam War when the number of daily dead soldiers was reported.) We’re told the savior of ‘normal’ is found in a warp-speed, fast-tracked vaccine and in the meantime we must social distance, wear a mask and fear catching a disease with an overall Infection Fatality Rate 0.1%.

Now comes the election. We’re told Russia wants Trump and China wants Biden and no matter who wins to expect violence, chaos and civil war. Just as Pandemic 2020 was gamed the year prior to its manifestation, Election 2020 has also been gamed by CyberReason and other ‘security’ companies and agencies toward an outcome of chaos. According to the ‘game’ on Wednesday November 4th expect death, injury and general mayhem.

We know about the post-911 war-profiteering and the billions made off of warfare. We know the only folks who profited from Pandemic 2020 are billionaires, and their upper-class vassals as consumers of failed small business are moved to conglomerates. And we know the companies that are coming post-Election 2020 to fill the gaps of violent chaos with ‘contract tracing’, pre-crime algorithms and the imposition of accepted speech and behaviors by monopolistic tech platforms in a world of least common denominators.

The outcome of the election between the two parties is meaningless. What matters is the outcome of the people in the streets who protest for and against the meaningless outcome. Chaos, mayhem and civil war is the ‘desired’ result of this election. The United States is facing the greatest economic and social upheaval in its history. Americans have been conditioned to fear and loathe. Those that aren’t adrift in a sea of justified cynicism are funneled into partisan hate centers to demonize fellow humans as deplorable dupes or clueless ‘woke.’ The remedy for social chaos and civil war is the continued project of compliance and control gamed for decades.

Election 2020 is another nail in the coffin of human aspiration, creativity and innovation. We face a triple wave of control and compliance from the threat of our ‘enemies’ and ‘the virus’ and our fellow out-of-control extremist citizens. The only safe space is going to be inside your house, if you’re lucky enough to have one. For those that are not so lucky and are victims of the planned collapse of American Society (such as it is) it’s dog-eat-dog.

The climax to a long operation of control and compliance is here. For your safety please accept checkpoints to produce the necessary papers that show your suitability to step outside your front door.

Wednesday November 4th is not the end of an election, but the end of the world as we know it.



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